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Sexual problems are not always easy to discuss and as a therapist I feel I have a responsibility to build an early rapport with my client so that they may begin to convey their story without embarrassment.

There are many aspects of life that can put a strain on your sex life ranging from anxiety from work, a new baby, illness, bereavements, body image, self confidence, depression and so much more. Some of these reasons can cause the person to suffer a lack of libido and this is a very common situation. Orgasmic difficulties can arise in both men and women and can even be heightened by the pressure one can put on themselves in desperately trying to please their partner rather than enjoying their partner. The mere suggestion by one's partner that they would like to have sex that night leads to a 'rehearsal' of all the imagined failings that they may have that night and how rubbish they will be.

Erectile dysfunction is another problem that is made more difficult by the psychological rehearsal that he will fail and his partner will be left unsatisfied leaving him feeling less of a man. Men may also struggle with premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation and in women pain from penetration can be a psychological barrier to her achieving not only orgasm but maybe also in becoming pregnant and as long as there is no actual physical problem this and all of the other issues can be unlearned. I also have worked extensively with sexual addiction too.


The most difficult step is perhaps that first phone call but there is help here and I will make it my aim to make this as comfortable for you as it can be.


Call me on 07999327683

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