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Insomnia or sleep disorders can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when we know that at some point in our lives, there was a time that we slept well. You may say "I never ever slept well!" But even going back as far as childhood, you would have slept well at some stage of your life.

However as we grow older and life brings its stresses, worries and concerns we can develop a regular sleep issue. Sleep deprivation can cause problems at work, in relationships and generally leave us feeling very unhappy and fatigued. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic process where we can begin to learn to relax again and at some point start to improve on our sleep pattern. So how comes you can nod off so easily while trying to watch that film on the television but then find yourself lying awake all night while other people snore the night away.

When we 'try' to sleep, the chance is that we can fail. When you're trying to watch the late movie, you fail right? Because you're trying to stay awake. When you try to sleep you're actually focussing on lack of sleep rather than how it will feel to wake rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. Sleep then starts to become pain rather than pleasure. Let's begin the process of unlearning this bad strategy you have of trying to sleep and learn to drift off peacefully again.


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