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I have experience in many presenting problems including suicide, self harm, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexuality issues, bereavement, low self-esteem, anger & aggression, anxiety & depression, drug & alcohol dependency, eating disorders, relationship or family problems and more. I believe it is important to connect with a child client in the first few seconds of meeting, this is going to be a big deal for them and the last thing they want is a woman appearing to be just like any other authoritive figure that they would never open up to.


I am trained to talk to children in an age appropriate language giving them space and time to feel heard and listened to. My child client is encouraged to tell their own story without fear of judgement or interrogation focussing particularly on their feelings using my skills in empathy and sensitivity.


What is said during our sessions is confidential. I will talk about our session with the child's parents if the child requests it or if I feel it would be helpful, but then only with the child's consent. The exception to confidentaility is if I have reason to believe that any person was at risk of harm, either from themselves or others, as I am duty-bound by law to report this to the relevant agency.

Parents want to do their best for their children but sometimes life has a way of throwing things in our path making everything seem like a challenge. They may feel they have failed as parents and of course that is not the case but accepting there is an issue that needs to be looked at is a big step and a very important one.


My first session could begin with the parent/parents themselves so I can get some background information and where they are at in life. This can be quite difficult for them but I have found many parents find it a great relief and a step in the right direction.


Sometimes the parent/parents may find counselling would be helpful for them too. Quite often children cannot find the words but I will work with them in a gentle, sensitive way building rapport and allowing them to experience themselves as a person, a unique individual who can move forward towards a brighter future.

Call me on 07999327683

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