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Do you have a recurring dream that upsets you? Or a nightmare that can wake you up with a jolt leaving you just sitting there feeling anxious and fearful? Maybe a dream that you simply don't understand that keeps popping up every now and then, you almost feel it's trying to tell you something?

It may be a lucid dream where you realise that you are actually in the middle of a dream, most people wake themselves from this state of dreaming while others remain in this state where they then take part in the outcome of the dream without awakening.


What if you have a dream which just ends abruptly and you wished there was more? Imagine being able to jump back into your dream in deep hypnosis and dream the ending! How incredible would that be?


After all you are working with the part of your mind that dreamed the dream in the first place so it is possible to use the connection between the sleeping and waking states of the unconscious mind to revisit your dream and perhaps find out the message you feel it has for you.


Using hypnosis you can look at every aspect of your dream. You can remember things you perhaps forgot, you might want to move around in the dream looking at it from a different perspective. You can watch all of the characters in the dream, describing how they look and how they are making you feel, maybe you would like to talk to them? It can be very powerful to look at all the objects, symbols and characters in your dream and then with a snap of the fingers for you to become that part, describing just how you feel at that moment.


A dream can be interpreted as scary or traumatic but it is never what it seems. For example if you dreamed that someone was chasing you with a knife, in the dream the person who is chasing you is you! If I asked you how it felt chasing that person and you said 'powerful' or 'I'm full of anger', then it would be telling you something about your feelings at this time in your life. I might ask you how it feels to be a knife? You may say 'cold, hard, emotionless' and again you get where it tells us something about you.


Everything in your dream has been put there by you, you produced this movie, directed it and maybe even starred in it and I will help you gently interpret where it has all come from and if it is a recurring dream why you are keeping it.


It is a good idea to have a notepad by your bed and begin getting into a habit of writing dreams down because it has been said in studies that once a dream ends it can take just five minutes to forget half of the details of the dream, ten minutes later and up to ninety percent of it is gone.

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