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The feeling of anxiety is quite common in all of us, it is a normal part of our daily lives. When we feel anxious we become fearful of the future and many years ago when we felt anxious we created a 'mental mistake' that the feeling of fear might help us deal with problems, difficult or dangerous situations. However fear about the future is merely a fantasy.

We experience fear because fear keeps us away from the memory of being hurt. Our anxiety states can range from a mild uneasy feeling to very severe feelings of fear and worry. Panic attacks are sudden, intense and often just appear, taking the sufferer completely by surprise. Panic attacks can fill you with a sense of dying, possible heart attack, you may feel as if you're going to pass out, you may experience flashing visions, you could become nauseous or experience a numb sensation throughout your body. You may begin to hyperventilate or suffer from tunnel vision and the feelings you are experiencing may provoke you to flee the place where you are or in future avoid the place it happened. You can experience palpitations, trembling and they can typically last anything from fifteen seconds up to thirty minutes or possibly longer. When anxiety or panic attacks start to affect your everyday life it is time to seek help.

There are many tried and tested techniques in hypnotherapy that can cure the sufferer of panic attacks and anxiety including hypnoanalysis which can take us directly to the root of the problem. It is my goal to resolve the problem completely and not to simply give you a way to manage it. The key to this is breaking it down, realising where it comes from and why. The fear of having a panic attack can bring on a panic attack and this vicious circle keeps on going, when you understand that a panic attack cannot hurt you and you learn to no longer fear the attack you will gain control and the inappropriate and maladaptive mechanism for coping which is your irrational fear will be rendered redundant.


When that happens for you it will be the most positive, profound feeling and if this is happening to you or someone you know I urge you to give me a call, don't you deserve a better life? Please don't think that if you have had this issue for many years it can't be fixed. I have helped clients who have had this problem for up to 30 years and they have gone on to lead a perfectly normal life. There is hope.


Call me on 07999327683

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