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Did you know that the 3rd biggest fear in the UK is public speaking? The 1st is spiders and the 2nd is heights so we fear standing up in front of other people and speaking more than death!

So maybe a change in your job has meant that you now need to stand up and do a presentation to your peers? Maybe you've been given the role of best man and you need to do that all important witty speech?


Maybe you've already done some public speaking and you felt it went terribly? You gave them your funniest line imagining the whole audience falling about laughing, only to be left with the room staring at you in total silence as a tumbleweed blew past!


Whatever your situation, you will now have begun the process of worrying about how it will turn out. Not only do you begin to rehearse the speech in your mind, you also begin to rehearse all of the irrational worries you have about how badly it will go. As we begin this rehearsal of negative cognitions, these thoughts cause us to have negative feelings in our body too. A tight chest perhaps, palpitations, sweating or blushing and when we eventually get to the big day we simply want to run away and hide.

Now you don't have to.


This can be a speech in a staff training with 5 people or to a room of 1000's. Imagine being/feeling totally empowered and confident. Imagine having no fear at all knowing that it will go just as planned, if not better. Intrigued?


Call me on 07999327683

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