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10 tips for relaxation

Updated: Sep 10, 2021


I can relate to this, I used to find it hard to switch of and relax, filling my day with a long list to do followed by settling down to bed and writing my todo list for the following day and already feeling the pressure and the stress, worrying if I will be able to fit everything in. Plus the added pressure of working full-time, being a parent to two wonderful children and supporting my husband that works shifts. At times trying to juggle everything I found myself burning out and then trying to hide away from what I thought was my failures.

Then one day I decided it couldn't continue this way, my 'perfectionist' part of me had to relax, I was unhappy and I was making my home environment equally as unhappy.

I am not saying I managed to change my life and mindset immediately but just by changing little things at a time I noticed a huge improvement.

So here are some little tips

  1. Taking 20 minutes in the morning to yourself. Possibly meditating, gratitudes, a quiet coffee with a good book.

  2. Finding some time in your day for exercise whether you like the gym or not, a little stroll for 30 minutes in the fresh air can do wonders.

  3. Taking time out from technology an hour before bed (it's harder than you think)

  4. Journaling is an excellent way to calm the mind, writing down those thoughts and letting go of any unwanted thoughts that you may be having.

  5. A relaxing candlelit bubble bath with a good book 20 minutes before bed. You would be surprised how relaxing this can be and gets your body temperature just right before snuggling down.

  6. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour

  7. Listening to music/podcast/hypnosis

  8. Call a friend or family member

  9. Prioritising your todo list

  10. Learn to say no

Obviously I am fully aware time is precious and therefore you may not be able to do all of these every day but if you can find time to do a few you will notice a difference.

I was once told "we do not fail, we just stop practicing or working on it"

I hope you have found this useful and even if you only manage one of these a day it's important that you recognise this is good and that you are doing something kind for yourself.


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